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1985 - Rock Hudson "Mystery Illness"
It's useful sometimes to see history play itself out as it was happening. In this case, the news coverage of Rock Hudson's "mystery illness." As we now know, he had AIDS, but you can see the hedging that goes on about it.

June 29, 2007 - Attempted Mike Theft
Outside the New York City Apple store, Fox News reporter Laura Ingles interviews people waiting on the line, and Steven Levy, a tech writer who was lucky enough to have an Iphone to demonstrate before its official on-sale time. The interview is interrupted by the attempted theft, not of the iPhone, but of Laura's microphone.


1999 - Jay-Z stabs a guy
From New York's local news channel WNYW, a news item in December 1999 reporting that Jay-Z had turned himself in to police in connection with allegations he stabbed a man in the Kit Kat Klub. (And if you've ever been stabbed in the Kit Kat Klub, you know how painful that can be.)

Bill Clinton Defends Hillary from Jerry Brown
Okay, granted, it was almost seventeen years ago, but here is an ABC Newsbrief from March 15, 1992 promoting the story.

1983 - NBC News Overnight part 1
For all the devoted Overnight fans out there, this is (in parts) the last Overnight broadcast, with Linda Ellerbee and Bill Schechner. In this part, the story is about unemployment. Behold the numbers, as the GOOD news is that the unemployment rate slid from 10.8% in December 1982 to 8.4% in November 1983. With today's gloom-and-doom crowd worried about the unemployment rate going up to over 5%, Overnight's story helps remind people to keep a little perspective about what makes for good news and bad news compared to what it COULD be.

1983 - NBC News Overnight part 2
In this part, a story about the El Salvador death squads, a reairing of a 1980 news piece about the death there of four Catholic nuns, and in another story, an examination of Ronald Reagan's mastery of his public image.

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